The Countdown To Shell Eco-marathon Has Started

We are scraping through the second month of the new year and what a busy past month it has been! We have gotten six new members, started filming new videos, done a real ‘spring’ cleaning of our office and workshop and as you can see created a brand new webpage!

We are quite excited about the changes we have made, as well as the fact that our team has grown and changed (for the better!) in the last six months or so. We will share some of this with you in blog posts during the upcoming months.

We are very happy that we have so many different people on our team. We have students who are at the start of their educational track all the way up to students who are spending their last year of university working on this project. In addition, we have exchange students from seven different nationalities, making us a truly international team!

This year, we decided that we do not only want to work and improve on our current car, but also to start planning on the car for the competition in 2019. As a result, we got two brand new sub-groups added: Research & Development and Design. We have paid special focus to working across our sub-groups so we can improve the car to the best of our abilities. We also aim for the sub-groups to be a gathering of collective knowledge across disciplines of how to build a working car. You will get to know more about this in one of the videos we are posting very soon!

The next couple of months are sure to be filled with challenges, but we will fill them with testing, improving and learning all we can about our little blue car. We want to make sure we are ready to pack our car, equipments and the team to cross the pond to England for the 2018 European Shell Eco-marathon! We hope you will follow our journey here on our website and on our social media platforms: