Day 3 @ Shell Eco-marathon

It was a very long but rewarding day yesterday as we had a lot of tasks lined up for us.

The day started off with a briefing led by Sivert.

After the briefing, we went on our way to the tracks to check out the route. We then headed back to our garage to fix a few things on our car here and there before we could go to our first testing on the track.

First Testing

We tested our car and found out that our clutch works but it was not reliable enough. We also found out that the suspension on the left wheel snapped. We tried to fix this issue as fast as we could and headed back to our garage again to eliminate and fix issues on our car.

Main Highlight of Day 3: The Group Photo

We had 15 minutes, to fix the broken suspension because we were lucky enough to showcase our car and get a group photo taken on the main track.

12 cars out of 200 were chosen and the group photo turned out to be festive!

Each car represents pride and joy from different universities and countries all over Europe. There is something very beautiful when you see all the students with bright and innovative ideas from different countries around Europe and all over the world come into one place.

That is it for day 3! We are halfway through day 4 and we will let you all know how our second day of testing went tonight.