Day 4 @ Shell Eco-marathon

Testing. Testing. And more testing!

Day 4 was all about putting our car on the track and seeing how all the functions work to make sure we are set for the main competition. We tested our car on both the available times the UrbanConcept class testing was open on the track.

Our first test went very well. We completed the full 12/12 lap. This was very exciting for the team because we see this as a massive improvement compared to what happened last year. However, we still needed to do a few adjustments on the car. We needed to take one step further to be even more energy-efficient. Also, our motor started overheating so a few changes to our code was made.

We then had our second testing in the afternoon. This time, Tanguy was our driver. We had a short briefing before going to the track and we mainly discussed about improvements for this testing learning from how the first testing went.

Overall, the second testing went well. I think the main goal on the track yesterday was for the drivers to be more familiar on the track.

The team also went out to dinner yesterday. We were fortunate to be joined by Kristina Dahlberg from our main sponsor DNV GL.

Today is all about the race now. We have just finished our first attempt and it went very well! We are very excited! More details about how day 5 went will be posted tonight so keep an eye out.