Day 5 @ Shell Eco-marathon

Wohooo! Day 5 of #makethefuture live went extremely well for us!


The team made 3/4 attempts yesterday. Our attempt 1 was 104.72 km/kWh. We were pleased that attempt 1 was valid as this put us to be in the running for the Design Award.

Attempt 2 went at 112.98 km/kWh which is 8.26 km/kWh better than attempt 1. However we found out that our suspenion on the wheels were curving and had misalignments. Also, while we were on the track, our rear lights were not very consistent. Some lights were on and some were not.  So, we went and did further adjustments on the car.

Now, this is where it all gets exciting! We got 171.02 km/kWh for attempt 3 which placed us on 2nd place overall after the UrbanConcept competition yesterday! This got the team motivated to keep working on the car and refine a few things to achieve an even better result.

However, it is too early for us to celebrate. The mechanical and electrical team stayed in the paddocks yesterday night and got to the paddocks early today to make further adjustments on the car. We want even better results for our final attempt and for the final UrbanConcept competition today.


We would like to say Gratulerer med dagen to our Marketing Manager, Anne-Maren!

It was a very great finish of the day yesterday knowing that we are trophy contenders this year. Achieving the silver medal place after 3 attempts is a very good effort for the team! The final UrbanConcept competition is today, and we are looking forward to what our team can deliver. You should all look forward to what today has installed for us!