Day 6 @ Shell Eco-marathon

DNV GL Fuel Fighter is the first runner-up for the Shell Eco-marathon 2018 UrbanConcept class in battery-electric!

First and foremost, we want to say thank you to our amazing sponsor DNV GL for all their support during the last ten years! Let’s make it ten more!

The team could not be prouder with our result this year. The last time we placed in the top 3 for the UrbanConcept class was in 2014 so this is a very good result for us!

Our 4th and final attempt was at 176.4 km/kWh. We were 6.74% off the world record so it was a very close competition. Since we were in the top 3 for our class, we were invited to the Driver’s World Championship (DWC) but we did not manage to pass the technical inspection due to our breaks having an issue that we could not finish in time.

However, there might still be more to celebrate. Tomorrow is the announcement of the off-track awards and we are hopeful for a place in the Design Award and the Communication Award. So we will have to see how our Design and Marketing team go tomorrow.

We would like to say a massive congratulations to all the winners of the UrbanConcept awards today! We would also like to say thank you to everyone who congratulated us today from other student teams, employees, and our supporters in Norge.  We are now off to a well-deserved celebration, so keep an eye out on our Day 7 highlights tomorrow!