Still waiting for technical inspection – A summary of day 1 and 2 of Shell Eco Marathon 2019

Finally, the Shell Eco Marathon 2019 takes place at Mercedes-Benz World at Brooklands in the south-western part of London. This has been our goal for the entire year, so all of the team is of course super excited. The event will last from Saturday the 29th of June until Friday the 5th of July. The competition begins on Tuesday. This is the most important week of the year for us, and we have very high ambitions this year. The goal is to break the current world record (from last year) and hopefully win the whole competition.

We arrived in London in the middle of Saturday. This day we did firstly check in at the car track and rigged the garage tent ready for work. Then we went to the campsite. At the campsite we had to assemble our tents and then we ordered pizza for everyone at the camp.

Day 2, the Sunday, our goal was to arrive early in the technical inspection queue and get permission to start testing early. Therefore we came to the track at 6 am and got a “queue beeper” immediately. That made us able to take the technical inspection 14.00, but unfortunately we had not enough time to make the car ready until then. Several components were not installed, and the tires were not filled with air. Also our dashboard exploded just an hour before while testing the windshield wiper. Or… not the physical dashboard exploded, only a part of the electrical system in it. The error was fixed before the inspection at 14, but it still slowed our progress.

So, since we were not ready for inspection at 14, we were moved to the bottom of the queue, and have to wait for tomorrow. But the day has not been wasted. We have got a lot of time for working on different systems, and the car will definitely be ready for inspection early on Monday. So, that was our second day at Shell Eco Marathon. Tonight we are going to order food at KFC and bring it to the campsite for eating together with the team.

So, that is why we are still waiting for the technical inspection for Shell Eco Marathon 2019. Don’t forget to keep an eye on our blog nowadays. More daily updates are coming.