Unexpected problems – Day 3 at Shell Eco Marathon 2019

Hi, again, it is now Monday the 1st of July. We’re on the 3rd day of Shell Eco Marathon 2019 and our main plan for the day was to complete the technical inspection, so we arrived in the paddock at the track early in the morning. We were working constantly on preparing and perfectioning several systems in the car. At 15 o’ clock it was finally our turn again.

The technical inspection lasted for 3 hours, and we passed almost everything. The only thing left is the final approval of the telemetry system and the downhill brake test. This because our brake pedal mount unfortunately failed during said test. Therefore, the situation once again got really hectic in our garage tent in the evening. Our mechanical team are now working overtime to make the brakes work as they should, and the evening restaurant plans for dinner were effectively discarded.

This means we will order pizza late tonight and go to the track early tomorrow to make sure the brakes work properly when the inspections open at 8 am tomorrow.