We did it! – Day 4 at Shell Eco Marathon 2019

Hello again, dear readers. As you might have been guessing already, we passed the technical inspection today! Our mechanical team arrived early in the morning to finish solving the brake issues. In the video below you can see our final attempt on the downhill brake test.

As you could hear, all of the team was very happy to know that we had fixed the braking system and passed the technical inspection. Finally we could start testing on the track. When passing the inspection, we traditionally got to catch a cute little rubber duck.

After the inspection we returned to the paddock for more finishing touches before our time slot to test on the track begun at 16.00. Then we did several things, including those: We were calibrating the front suspension with a laser measurement equipment. That was important so that our driver could more easily steer the car so it follows the ideal driving line. Also we repositioned some buttons on the dashboard to reduce electrical noise. And we tried to set up the autonomous system to collect useful data for next year’s team, even though the autonomous competition was moved to Netherlands in May so we were unable to participate in that. Sadly, we could not provide a stable enough power source for the autonomous system to work properly, so we got no data from today.

In the evening we went to the Italian restaurant we primarily planned to go to yesterday, celebrating to pass the technical inspection. It was a very nice restaurant visit and afterwards we went back to the campsite to get a good rest. Tomorrow, our first out of four attempts to drive efficiently on the track, begins at 9.00, so we have to get up as early as normal to make sure we do a good performance then as well.

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