Game over – Day 6 at Shell Eco Marathon 2019

Yesterday we did 2 good and relatively safe attempts to be sure to achieve a decent result throughout the week. Today was our “risk-day”. Go high or go home!

In the paddock there was good mood in the morning, and a lot of work going on all day. Today we wanted to do our attempts using 2 gears instead of 1 gear. And that proved not to be trivial. First of all, the progress with the mounting and updating the code was slower than expected, so we missed the morning session. But if we did things correctly we could do 2 attempts in the afternoon session instead. If we could find enough time for it. So, at 14.00 the car was ready and we set out on our first attempt of the day, and the third of the competition.

Only a half round into the race, happened the one thing that shouldn’t. The car slowed more and more and more and more, and then stopped. The second gear didn’t work nevertheless. So we took the car back to the paddock and did what we could. It was too late to change back to the old system. Sadly, we did not make it in time, and ended up with no valid results from today. When most other teams kept improving their result today, our 181 km/kWh is only sufficient for a 5th best position in our class.

This may seem like a sad ending for DNV GL FuelFighter 2018/2019, and in some ways it also is. But in most ways, it’s not. First of all, we are still eligible for the innovation and design awards, that are revealed tomorrow, so watch out on our social channels then as well. Secondly, we still managed to produce the best car in DNV GL FuelFighters history. And we know that the car has a lot of unused potential. The entire car was manufactured only after christmas, and achieving a so good result already now is absolutely fantastic. Even though our position on the leaderboard is lower than last year, we have still helped the world pushing the limits for how a energy efficient an urban electric car can be.

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