Day 6 @ Shell Eco-marathon

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Day 6 @ Shell Eco-marathon DNV GL Fuel Fighter is the first runner-up for the Shell Eco-marathon 2018 UrbanConcept class in battery-electric! First and foremost, we want to say thank you to our amazing sponsor DNV GL for all their support during the last ten years! Let’s make it ten more! The team could [...]

Day 5 @ Shell Eco-marathon

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Day 5 @ Shell Eco-marathon Wohooo! Day 5 of #makethefuture live went extremely well for us! Attempts The team made 3/4 attempts yesterday. Our attempt 1 was 104.72 km/kWh. We were pleased that attempt 1 was valid as this put us to be in the running for the Design Award. Attempt 2 went [...]

Day 4 @ Shell Eco-marathon

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Day 4 @ Shell Eco-marathon Testing. Testing. And more testing! Day 4 was all about putting our car on the track and seeing how all the functions work to make sure we are set for the main competition. We tested our car on both the available times the UrbanConcept class testing was open [...]

Welcome To Day 2 @ Shell Eco-marathon

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Welcome To Day 2 @ Shell Eco-marathon The team woke up very early today to get to our garage and gear up for technical inspection. The technical inspection is a first-come first-serve basis for the 21 UrbanConcept cars competing. Hence, the team has been lining up since 8 AM today. Of course building [...]

Reminiscing The Past

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Reminiscing The Past DNV GL Fuel Fighter has come a long way to get to where it is now. The previous teams are an important learning experience for the current 2018 DNV GL Fuel Fighter team. By looking back on the past, we are able to see the story about how DNV GL Fuel [...]