DNV GL Fuel Fighter

Among the best eco-car teams in the world

DNV GL Fuel Fighter drove in to a 5th place among 14 participants during the 2019 Shell Eco-marathon in Europe. The results from the competition was enough to beat all the cars in Shell Eco-marathon Asia and America, which led us to become the 5th most fuel efficient car in the world in the UrbanConcept Battery-electric class. And the entire car was built from scratch in the period January-July 2019, in contradiction to all those that beat us, whose cars were used in 2018 as well.

From NTNU to Oslo with 0.3 L gasoline

Yes, you read right. In the Shell Eco Marathon 2019 we performed an energy efficiency of 181 km/kWh. The distance from Trondheim to Oslo is 500 km, which means we can drive it using 2.76 kWh, being equivalent to 0.288 L of gasoline. If the car drove on gasoline instead of electric batteries, it would need only 0.3 L of gasoline to drive from NTNU in Trondheim, and all the way down to Oslo!

Social, fun and educational

DNV GL Fuel Fighter is not only about trying to make the best and most fuel efficient car. We are so much more than just that. DNV GL Fuel Fighter is a group of 40 students who are celebrating Halloween together, racing in Go Karts, shooting at each other with Lazer Tag and much, much more. The team is more like a group of friends.

On the other side, you will gain tremendous amounts of knowledge while being a part of the team. If you think you need to have a lot of background experience and knowledge, you’re wrong. The team consist of student from multiple different studies, years and backgrounds. Even students from first year. We don’t expect you to be an expert on the field, or even to know how to build a car. The only expectation we have for the members is that they have to be willing to learn and be dedicated to the work.

And also, you will get the opportunity to eat tremendous amounts of pizza

Why and how to join

Do you want to join the DNV GL Fuel Fighter team? We will take in new members in January 2019 and August 2019. Keep track with us on our homepage or on social media if you want to be kept updated.

Unsure if you want to join or not? If you are uncertain, ask yourself this: Are you a student who want to get a unique experience with engineering, teamwork, meet plenty of new friends and maybe do some marketing or work with the homepage? If the answer is “Yes”, then you should apply.

Did we forget to tell you that you will have the opportunity to eat plenty of pizza and gain 7.5 credits? Well, apply for DNV GL Fuel Fighter then