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Meet the 2018/2019 team

DNV GL FuelFighter’s 2018/2019 team consists of 41 creative, innovative and very motivated students from many different study programs at NTNU Trondheim. We are representing a big variety of ages and nations as well, since there are several exchange students from across the globe. From France to New Zealand. Almost everyone study some sort of engineering, even in the marketing and design teams. So what we all have in common is the interest and belief in technology and its opportunities. This is also reflected in our common goal: to invent the most energy-efficient car the world has ever seen.

DNV GL FuelFighter team is divided in 5 groups or subteams working separately with their subsystems of the car. The groups are:

  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Design
  • Autonomous
  • Marketing

This page contains a short presentation of the different subteams including a team picture, description and team member portraits

It is important to note that even though we work separately with the different tasks, we all build the same car. We spend much time in common meetings where the different teams present what they are doing and how they are thinking. In that way we will always remember that we actually work together on this huge project.


The Mechanical group is focused on the physical building of the car. The group builds and modifies all the parts in it. They  also work closely with the Electrical group to make sure both parts of the car are functioning in sync.

Christian André Coldevin Pettersen
Produktutvikling og produksjon
Makes mojito at parties

Christian Erichsen
Produktutvikling og produksjon

Can probably hold his breath for 30 seconds

David Forrestad Svendsen
Produktutvikling og produksjon
Likes McDonald’s sweet potato fries

David Guerrero Zuazo
Industrial Technology Engineering

Eirik Furuholmen
Produktutvikling og produksjon

Henrik Andersen
Produktutvikling og produksjon

Jennifer Nguyen
Industriell økonomi og teknologiledelse
Has a tendency to swallow skewers

Jens Bugge
Produktutvikling og produksjon

Is always to late for the bus

Kristoffer T. Sydnes
Produktutvikling og produksjon
Has a crush on Mrs. Incredible

Lars Ramstad
Produktutvikling og produksjon
Has performed a figure skating routine on roller skates during a child musical

Ole Andreas Wammer
Kybernetikk og robotikk
Likes to brag about how he doesn’t brag

Pierre Dury
Mechanical Engineering

Quentin Rauturier
Mechanichal engineering (product development)

Sindre Trefall


The Electrical group is working mainly on the electrical systems of our car. In addition, they are responsible for the coding language that the mechanical system requires. They are also working with the Mechanical group to make sure the electrical systems in our car is well integrated with the mechanical parts.

Haavard Fiskaa

Halvard Olav Rusås
Has picklephobia

Iver Osnes
Kybernetikk og robotikk

Jørgen Wisløff

Ludvik Rønning
Elektronisk systemdesign og innovasjon

Favorite meal: tacos

Pascal Mathias
Computer and Communications System Engineering (Erasmus)

Sebastian Kleivenes
Kybernetikk og robotikk

Sondre Bø Hernes
Kybernetikk og robotikk

Stian Holven
Kybernetikk og robotikk

Tyler Harrison
Bachelor of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (honors)


This is the first time DNV GL Fuel Fighter has had an autonomous team. They are working with coding and machinelearning to make sure the car will drive safely on the autonomous track.

Erlend Eriksen
Kybernetikk og robotikk
Can’t survive without chocolate

Gaute Nybø
Kybernetikk og robotikk

Iris Burgos Dengra
Electronic and Automation engineering(Exchange)

Markus Ho-Yen
Kybernetikk og robotikk


The Design group is our smallest group, but they are quite important to make sure both this year’s car and the next car we are building is designed in the most energy efficient way possible. They have just started using generative design, which we are all quite excited about!

Elise Christin Lind Hjemly
Industriell design
Likes to imitate monkeys

Olav Engelstad
Industriell design

Sergio Garcia Boguna
Product Design Engineering (Architect)

Tania Bonilla Sanchez
Industrial Design Engineering / Product Design

Vale Haarr Hatlo
Produktutvikling og produksjon
Can call you a bastard in mandarin

Vebjørn Isaksen
Bygg- og miljøteknikk
Prefers pizza on pineapple


The Marketing group develops ways to get DNV GL Fuel Fighter’s mission and vision out to the world. The marketing group uses a range of different tools to do this including this webpage, social media sites and more traditional media platforms to get the team’s message across. This group also works in promoting DNV GL Fuel Fighter here at NTNU.

Andreas Stenberg
Produktutvikling og produksjon
Loves pineapple on pizza

Anette Steinbråten
Cries like a baby

Anne-Maren Karlberg
Digital mediedesign
Is a combination between germ freak and pineapple on pizza-lover

Robin Solheim
Energi og miljø
Is asian, loves sushi and does magic

Sigurd Tullander
Elektronisk systemdesign og innovasjon
Can recite the first 100 decimals of π